On Thursday December 15, 2022 Jimmy Renner ( Certified Welding Inspector) and Michael Cilles ( Welding Engineer) from Bi-Con Services, came to the MOVTI and gave the students in the welding program a structural steel welding test. Students were given a WPS (Weld Procedure Sheet) which tells them the amperage, welding electrode to use, the material thickness and size of the weld to be made to complete the welding test. The information on the weld procedure sheet all came from the American Welding Society D1.1 welding code. Students had to stay within the parameters that were listed on the weld procedure sheet while completing the test.

Students then went to their welding booths and completed the T- joint. The weld joint was then placed in the band saw where 1” was cut off each end, these 1” pieces were place in acid so the inspectors could see the how the weld puddle penetrated into each piece of the weld joint. (The acid turns the weld metal a different color gray then the base metal that allows them to visually inspect the joint). The remaining portion of the joint was then place in a hydraulic press and bent to test the strength of the weld.

This was a great learning experience for the students.

MOVTI Welding would like to thank  Bi-Con Services for allowing Jimmy and Michael to come to our welding shop and work with our welding students.

76% of the first-year students passed and 85% of the second-year welding students passed.