Alumni Spotlight


“I liked the real world work experience it gave me, and how it prepared me for my further education in diesel mechanics."

- Caleb Lloyd, SMHS Class of 2018


"MOVTI has helped me a lot in my career choice and where I am today. It has put me ahead of the game when it comes to interviews, meeting reports, and communication skills with employers and co-workers. I use what I have learned from this program in my everyday life. "

- Shawn Hilvers, RCHS Class of 2023


“The Advanced Medical program at MOVTI helped me receive important certifications and that has put me ahead of my peers in college”

- Andrew Freeland, RCHS Class of 2023


"MOVTI not only provided me with a unique learning experience, but also allowed me to develop a vast, professional skill set that I use in the workplace currently.”

- Quentin Owens, RCHS Class of 2023

Teresa Knight

"I loved my time at PRT because I was a hands-on learner and it helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do as a career. I have worked as a secretary at every job I have had and with the training and experience I received at PRT, I had the skills I needed to succeed."

- Teresa Knight, MOVTI Executive Secretary SMHS Class of 1990

Jaydon Holt

As a now Nationally Registered EMT, MOVTI has helped me achieve one of my biggest goals, and has allowed me to build my leadership and communication skills. Being a CTE student gave me real work experience that has since helped me in my EMS career and in other aspects of life.

- Jaydon Holt, RCHS Class of 2022